Monday, January 16, 2012

I kinda, sorta forgot

what it meant to be an active member of a quilt guild that leans more to the traditional than toward the art.  Don't get me wrong.  There are many in the group who do create original work.  And because I love quilts in all styles and form I do apprciate a well crafted quilt of the traditional kind.  Saying that leads me to say that being an active member also means I have to get aboard and support what is happening with the guild and one of the things is "Fun Night". 
For one of the Fun Nights I proposed we do a quilt making race.  A race to see who can construct a quilt top the fastest using a "Jelly Roll". Of course prizes will be given to the three who do it the fastest. 
 For those of you who do not know about this jelly roll thing,don't feel left out of the quilt making loop.  I was  until last fall.  Let me tell you there is a whole new trend out there that had totally escaped me. 
Jelly Rolls came about because the different fabric companies wanted a novel way of giving out samples of their new fabric lines to shoppers at the "market".  Now they are packaged by most of the major fabric companies and sold to us quilters who are always looking for the newest thing.  Jelly Rolls in a great variety of fabrics from juvenile to seasonal, solids, 30's look, batik, you name it.  The choices are mind boggling. 
Not wanting to be mind boggled I send my daughter Lyn off to pick one up for me so I could time how long it would take me to make a quilt using those 40 uniformly cut 2-1/2 inch x approx 44 inch strips. 
My time was 2-1/2 hours which for me I didn't think was bad.  It's been a long long time since I have sat at my machine and done nothing but run pieces of fabric through the machine.  I've never done it at top speed.

While I didn't find it  "fun" to make this quilt top...  I would much rather be painting.  On top of that I couldn't hear the television over the sound of my machine motor racing at full throttle.  But in a group of other quilters who are sewing as fast as they can trying to finish first I can see where this intense sewing could possible be FUN.  At least that is what I am hoping because I proposed this quilt making race to the guild. The race will happen in March.  Above is the image of the top I made.  It measures 52" x 65". 
 Lyn not being a quilt maker said she selected this bunch of fabric because she thought the colors were ones I would like. Well they kinda sorta are.  But the pattern in the fabrics aren't.  And the look is way to lousy goosy for my taste.  I have no clue what I will do with this top now that it is finished.  I can't see myself spending hours quilting it. 
Maybe I'll hire it out to a long armer and use it to cuddle on the couch under if I was a cuddle on the couch person.
I also agreed to do another program for the group for our 2nd Saturday programs.  These are sort 3 hour sessions schedule for yes, the 2nd Saturday in the month, that are taught by one of our members so again I made a project that I had to time.  This one was a little more fun.  Less piecing, but a lot of straight stitch quilting lines, but then I got to paint.  Not in the style you know me best by but was painting none the less.  So now I am going to sit for a while and sew the binding on.
My life is going to be a bit cluttered with out of the house meeting for the next ten day with stuff to do for the guild and the University so I will try to check in, but if I don't get back for a spell.  Will update you on my doings when I do.


Diane Perin Hock said...

I think a lot of art quilters, like you, are involved in quilds that feature a lot of traditional quilting. And like you, I like that too. So I laughed when I saw your Jelly Roll Race -- yep, I've made a few of those and even hosted one at a retreat I attend. It was good fun and we made a bunch of quilt tops to be donated to a local charity. Maybe that's what you could do with yours?

Diane Perin Hock said...

Oh-- I also meant to say that if you're not crazy about it as is, you could also cut it up and use it as fodder for an art quilt...