Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tomorrow will be the start of a busy next two weeks

in my life as a curator and member of the guild. 
On Friday early I will be on the road to Daytona Beach to open the boxes and shipping containers filled with the art work that was submitted for the "Faces of Color" exhibit.  I am looking forward to seeing if the art I saw as digital images lives up to those submitted images.
I have only today to decide if I am entering a piece in the "Ah Spring" exhibit for the Quilts Inc Cincinnati Show.  I keep telling myself I really should.
I have at last reached the end of the guilds 2012 calendar year and the planning for and scheduling of programs and teachers and workshops and searching for a place to hold the classes and arranging buses for the guild's two bus trips.  One to the Jacksonville, Fl quilt show and the other...tada, Houston, yes Houston for the biggie.
In my in between times I have been quilting and listening to a book on CD that is not terribly interesting but I hate to give up on it because I do really want to know who killed the man found in the drainage pipe.  Yes it is a who done-it.
Update:  finished the prospectuses for two more exhibit I have planned for Bethune Cookman.  If you are interested, check out my web site.  One is for collage art.  I am accepting fiber in this one and the other abstract art.

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