Saturday, February 04, 2012

One thing down, many to go

Last night was the official opening for the "Faces of Color" exhibit.  Here are a few candid shots of the gallery space and some of those who came to see the art on exhibit.
 This my friend Grace looking at "Linc: Bennett's collages
 This is one of the artist's mother's standing in front of his wonder, large images.  Artist Colin Quashie. The title of his pieces are "Hugh" "John" and "Ms. Margaret" Oil paint on canvas.
 Valerie White's painted art quilt "Bobbie McFerrin anchors one end of the gallery space.
 Laura Lund's "Ego or Determination" right and Celeste Janey's "What...? anchor the other end of the space.
 Cedric Evans, the facility manager of the Performing Arts Center holding the catalog that was printed for this exhibit and introducing me.
Like all things that you invest a lot of time in, when it all come to be  and looks the way you had planned there is a lot of joy as well as a little bit of a let down.  My let down didn't last long.  This morning I was up and at it.  The next exhibit goes up in just a little over two months from today.  And I have several teaching engagement fast approaching.
Because of both things I have put aside my work with several days worth of quilting left to do on the last piece I showed you... but, I have finished a class sample that I have to get sent off soon. This no named piece Number who knows, I've lot count in my Round Flower" series measures about 22" x 28"
All commercial fabrics were used to make this piece. 

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Margarita Korioth said...

I would love to visit that show, the pictures looks impresive. Well done my friend. I enjoyed our lunch date!