Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I've been on the hunt for something

to disguise the ugly legs of the work tables that I have elevated on bed risers that I use for cutting and ironing. My first though was to get a couple of book shelves  that were  36 inch tall book shelves but no one had them in stock.  I could have ordered them online from several stores but I wanted them now. 7-10 days was too long.  So I let my fingers do some of the searching and Lyn and I drove to IKEA  after she treated me to lunch at PF Chang.  Everything I saw there and wanted was in the children's department.  So happy and bright and white and true colors.  I'm having a second childhood here I feel.  That was the good news part of the trip.
The not so good was the fact that everything that I saw and wanted was too heavy for me to move without help, needed assembly and was also a tad too short.  So off we went to Target and here is what I brought.   I am so happy.    It is so cheery.  I live in one decent size for one person open space with no wall between what was to be the dining area (cut and press and design wall) or computer alcove (studio storage) kitchen and living room.  Now with my modular units there are no more ugly legs to see from where I sit in the living room section. There really isn't anything in the polka dot bins or behind the doors.  They are just for show, but I am sure they will be filled with something studio related in time.  But for now what I like best are the four green bins sitting on top of each section.  They are holding all the stuff that usually clutters the top of the tables.  No more shuffling the clutter around to make room to cut or to press. 

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