Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My, my how time does fly.

I was reminded of this when my friend Kathy A called inquiring if all was well with me.  And it is.  Just a little busy working on quilts, doing the seemingly never ending paperwork that comes along with teaching and curating and holding a office in a guild, answering the phone, going to lunch with a friend, you know, just generally living. 

It was really great hearing her voice.  Sadly we don't talk as much as I'd like.  But I bent her ear with some tales that I won't report here.  The big part of me doing that and what I still miss is making myself at home in her condo, sloughed in a chair I consider mine, having a cup of coffee as I run my mouth.  sigh....

For the others among you who have checked in to see what I'm up to, I have been working, making class samples for the most part.  As a rule I send class samples ahead to garnish interest in my classes, but that has created a   problem of late.  I've have several teaching engagements  scheduled too  close together to share projects.  Which meant I needed to create a second set of the projects I use to teach the techniques I use. 

I showed you the updated Round Flower project a couple of blog entries ago.  Here is the updated version of my flower on a grand scale.  A class I will be teaching for a group North of Cincinnati in June.
The original one in reds and blues I must admit I was never quite fond of.  This one in yellow I like a lot. It is a little more rectangular whereas the original one was almost a perfect square.  Not the best design/composition. 
Other good news.  I submitted two quilts for consideration for the "Ah Spring" exhibit in Cincinnati AIQA-Quilts Inc. show and "Kissimmee Garden" was selected.  So if you are at the Cincinnati show look for my piece.   I have decided to let it travel.  Maybe you will see it in another venues as well.
So for now I am back to the sewing machine.

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