Thursday, March 01, 2012

One of the fun things about making

a class sample is you can try out stuff, like color combinations or add something different to a composition that you hadn't thought of originally.  My class samples for my painting classes are small.  Small enough that if what I planned doesn't work out as planned I can trash it without feeling guilty over the time spent or the goods used.
I have always liked the purple color family especially those hues that lean more toward blue rather than toward red.  I consider this samples as much to much in the red violet range for my taste, but I thought, hey it's only paint. And it was worth trying.  
Saying that, there was a point when I did consider not finishing this piece because of the color.  I had to push back the "yuck" thought. 
Now that it is done, it has grown on me.  So this is a second sample for my painting with watercolor on silk broadcloth workshop.
Now back to the sewing machine to put on the facing sleeve and label. 

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