Thursday, March 08, 2012

The final look of my pieces is not really finished

until the facing is on.  Most often a nights sleep precedes this.  (Gotta think about it).   At times I have gotten  up in the middle of the night to make changes to a piece or just to look again at the piece on the design wall to give my brain some added info to noogle over as I sleep. 
With this piece I didn't get up last night, rather I went to bed with a decision to make.  Which one of the three ways I had thought of to crop the piece to improve it visually should I settle on so I could get to it first thing this morning.
This piece was never made to be a "for show" piece.  For one it is too small and too simplistic.  Rather it was made to test some ideas I had for creating background with watercolor paint.  To that purpose, it answered many questions I had.
I have no qualms about putting a rotary cutter to what I have done. Cropping; that's one good point for working with cloth.  The three upper images show first, the size the piece was after all the extra batting and backing was trimmed away which always improves the look of any quilted piece immediately.  The next two images are of ways I could crop to enhance the visual impact.  Thank goodness for digital cameras and photo shop.  After sleeping on the choices. I settled on is the image below. 

In cropping I had to decide if I wanted to correct the proportion of blue to orange. Or simply use the 1:1.625 ratio to make the finished shape more aesthetically pleasing. The golden means ratio won out.
When I removed it from the painting surface this piece before quilting measured 22" x 32". I trimmed it to 20" x 30". Looked at for a while then cropped it to the size as pictured after the facing is applied it will measure 16" x 26".

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