Sunday, March 04, 2012


It's rare that I have that word on my lips as it relates to a quilt I am working on.  It is also rare that it takes me this long from start to finish when working on one.  But lots of stuff has happened in my creative/art life since last October.  In the past when I did pieced or appliqued quilts if something took me this long to finish I would have grown past it and not wanted to finish it because my mind was moving elsewhere.  But to my surprise when I unfolded this piece three days  ago looked at it and realized that I wanted to do something different but I had not grown past it. 
If I stayed with it, I knew it could be completed in less than a week so with nothing pressing on my list of "to-do's) I "finally" got back to this piece. 
The last quilting stitches are done and now I can "finally" say it is time to block (pressing with lots of steam)crop (cutting down to the final size and face.
I will be doing the blocking and cropping this evening.  Tomorrow I will do the hand work for the facing and put the sleeves and a label on.  
Tomorrow as I do this no brainer work I will noogle on what I will do next creatively/art/quilt. 
I have enough time to make something for Houston.  Should I aim for that? Hmmm...

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