Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yesterday and the day before the postman brought a surprise package

What was the surprise you ask?  Books.  Two copies of the same book.  One came addressed the apartment I used to live in and one to the current apt. #.  Obviously they didn't remove my old address from their records when I notified them of my change of location over a year ago when they notified me "one or more of your images will be included...".
The  book has one full page size picture of one of my quilts in it.  I think I submitted three images for the publisher to consider and since the computer with those images I sent is long dead so I don't remember what was not accepted. 
I  sat with a mug of coffee the day the first one came and read the book from cover to cover.  It is a very interesting collection of quilts as well as an insightful look at a selected group of artist who submitted works for this book.
So the next time you are in the book store or on your computer visiting your favorite on line book store site, consider this book for your library.
Since I have two, I am giving one away... using it for a prize at one of my local quilt guilds Fun Nights.

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Anonymous said...

Which image was included?