Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yesterday when I got up and went to admire the blooms

on my Christmas cactus that is still putting on a show;  I guess benign neglect is good when it comes to this plant,   I had no plans of making another small piece, but I came across a line drawing of this simple flower online and got the itch to pull out the paint and the brushes.  I really do not need and excuse to paint or quilt, but I did have something to explore and that was  for a couple of weeks I have wanted to try using two layers of batting as a friend of mine does in her work to see if I liked the feel and look of a piece after  it is quilted, blocked and trimmed.  I must admit, I do.
The texture quilting gives a piece is one of the things I aim for in my work.  What I found was the quilting seems to be more evident with the two layers of batting and the two layers were easy to handle under the needle. 
I have been using a wool and rayon blend felt along with a layer of Warm and Natural batting for about 4-5 years in my work and like the look using both of these gives.  
Now that I have tried the two layers of batting I think working with  two layers is  worth trying the next time I make something larger.  This piece measures about 18" x 28".


Karoda said...

Juanita, did you tell me you will be here teaching this spring????

Anonymous said...

Is the small picture a dandelion? NON-Artist