Sunday, March 25, 2012

I enjoyed my day trip up the road to the Atlantic Center for the Arts Center

until it became a stop and go ride almost as soon as I got off I-4 to make my way east of SR44.  Now that I know how to get their almost by rote I was surprised at the backup, not even during Bike Weeks did run into so much traffic.
As it turned out all of the traffic or the majority of the cars were going in the same direction I wanted to go and that was North on A1 or the Dixie Frwy.
The reason for all of the traffic; there was a fair or festival with vendors and amusement rides being held on a large plot of land near the airport off A1 yesterday.  But once I got past that point it was smooth sailing to the rest of the way to the Atlantic Center for the Arts.
Lunch was a clean the fridge affair, but there is nothing bad about a left over if it was good the first time around and so it was.  Lots of a little of this and a little of that and a baked potato bar.
There were several quilters/artist who were there and had stayed on after the three day class they had with me plus lots of new faces for me to get acquainted with including Pamela Allen who's work I have admired.  She was working on a new piece that I liked very much.
I got to see the SAQA trunk show displayed and now know how I can hang it temporarily at the Mark Street Center were we hold our monthly guild meetings without putting holes in the walls.
Here is a look at some of those who were there to see the trunk show.
And here is a look at what I have done so far today to the painting on the easel.  There is more to be done before it is ready for quilting.  Check back later today or tomorrow if you can.

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