Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Today was a let's see what happens if day.

  I've been wanting to do something different with the backgrounds in my watercolor paintings but didn't  want to use any other medium with the water color paints I like using so much.  Products like inks, acrylic or dyes.  So by masking out the flower area with freezer paper I was able to do some surface design stuff, like brushing water color paint about with a foam brush, and stamping with some foam stamps I have made.  I tried writing with a Inktense color pencil in an area wet with soy milk.  I brushed back over the writing to smudge it.  I think this is going to be worth exploring further with some more though given to,incorporating  the background more cohesively into the composition.   So I will be giving some serious thought to the stencils, or stamps or screens I will use for the next piece, which will again be something small before I go forth with a major size piece. I will sandwich and begin to quilt tonight or tomorrow.

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