Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wacky noodles and cloth bags

I told you that I would get back to using my sewing machine and I have, but not to do anything creative.  It was all sewing that HAD to be done.  I will have 8 pieces hanging in my local quilt guilds 2 day bi-annual quilt show on Feb 1 and 2.  Quilt Take-In day is this Saturday and the rule is that each quilt must come in a cloth bag.  If I folded my quilts a king size pillow case would have worked, but no... I roll all of my quilt for storage and transport.
For storage,  I've  rolled several together and wrapped the whole bundle in a large piece of cloth or twin size sheet and store on a shelf in the closet.  This  same rolling together and wrapping the bundle is how I cart them out of the apartment  for my lectures/presentation engagements. 

But since I needed 8 separate bags I was kept busy sewing and now they are all done and waiting.
The Wacky Noodles... I brought the whole box of 24, I used them to roll the quilts that are going to the show as well as all of the other quilts I have in the house.  I've been wanting to roll each quilt separately for a long time and wrap each one in a piece of muslin.    Now to find a day when I am truly bored and I will get on to doing that, but for now, even though they are rolled individually, they are in a common wrappings.
My house hunting is not going so well.  The house I wanted did not pass the house inspection.  Two major repairs left me no choice; a complete roof and a new air condition compressor had me saying no to this house. 
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Kathleen Loomis said...

what a disappointment about your new house!!! keep looking -- an even better one will show up

Anonymous said...

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