Monday, December 31, 2012

Ending 2012 moving forward

Before I began this post today I did a quick look back at 2012, something writing a blog affords you. If I had to recollect the past 12 months in any detail without this written history it would have been impossible. 

The first thing I noticed was, I did not post as often as I had in past years and most of the post were about stuff other than my creativity.  Were did my creativity go in 2012... on vacation? Must have because I made way fewer quilts than I have done on average in past years too. 
Last night as I was finishing a book and contemplating the purchase of a new one I saw My Nook book download library shows I read a lot in 2012.

I saw a lot of movies too.

If my  Janome 7700 was a new car it  would still have that right out of the factory smell.  It was used so seldom.  Gonna remedy that in 2013.

I taught on more occasions in 2012.  Way above my average.  A lesson I learned in 2012 was that   I dislike plane travel when done for teaching to the extent that I will not do it again.  If I can't get some place to teach by car, I am not going to do it.

Looking back I saw where the first quarter of my year went.  I spent it being frustrated at times curating an exhibit that I was proud to see open when it was done and more than happy and relieved at the end to be done with the whole experience.

I spent a great many hours working (volunteering).   Yeah right!  The word volunteer sort of leaves you with the impression that it really isn't WORK that you do for the quilt guild, but it is.  It saps as much energy as a 9-5. 

MOVING FORWARD.  I am not going to be in charge of bus trips and after the guild's quilt show,  next year, I am going to step down and scale way back on the time I give to the group.

MOVING FORWARD.  My offer for the house I really wanted was accepted. So it looks like at this time that I will be moving and creating in a new space.  My daughter Rene' and I walked through the house with a contractor last Friday noting what I wanted done.  (More cosmetic than reconstruction) except for the kitchen which will be a near total gut.  The  contractor sent me an invoice and he was within the range I was expecting to spend to get the needed work done.  Next on the list of must do, get a housing inspector.  When I know for sure that there are no further stumpling blocks, like major stuff that only a trained person can detect; roof, heating/ac, electrical and plumbing, I'll give you some before images of the place and document the progress of the remodel through my move in.

The weather here will be mild enough tonight to enjoy looking at all the  fireworks going off at mid-night across the area as far as the eye can see from my vantage point on the 7th floor roof of the parking garage where I live.

 Here wishing you a FORWARD MOVING 2013 as well.


Carol said...

I think I have read most if not all of your post for 2012 and I must say you are a most productive lady, and I admire your stick-tui-tiveness and consistency in your creativety. Hope you and yours have a Happy New Year!!

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