Saturday, December 08, 2012

A couple of weeks back

I decided that for the creative part of me, I needed to get back to doing morning pages.  Well in fits and starts I have been doing them and I, in fits and starts have been productive.  Not as productive as I want and not in the way you might be thinking, "she's painting again and quilting". 
Well sort of but not exactly.  But I am doing stuff.
What stuff?
Don't spread it around, but I am in the process of writing a book or the script for a DVD.  Not sure at this time which one will be the final outcome of me diving in with both feet on this project for the last three weeks.  Book? DVD?  The developmental stages for both seem to require the same things get done.  Things like samples in various stages of completion for photography.  This part I am looking forward to, the writing, well that requires a lot of stick to it-ness, as in applying my bottom to the seat of the chair in front of the computer and staying there long enough to get some stuff done.
On top of that I am back in the hunt for a house, free standing or townhouse with a garage.  This time I have marked condos off my list of places to live. 
Why am I thinking of moving again? 
 It's not that I don't still love where I live, I do.  But now I want to live some place where I can make a mess, like through paint around without worrying about the carpet or hang out yardage of soy milk soaked silk without offending the neighbors who might think I am taking in  laundry and drying it on the balcony and  I want to get back to silk screening with thickened dyes.    I have some ideas that have been percolating for some time and no place to do them. 
 While Rene' was here she Lyn and I did some preliminary scouting of properties that were for sale in the immediate area. Of the 2 dozen or so places that were listed I narrowed it down to a half-dozen. After walking through them. I am down to one which I am in the process of writing an offer for. Will let you know if I get it and when my address changes. 
For two years now, my Christmas cactus has alerted me to the passing of time. The first week in November there was no sign of buds.  Last week I notices the first signs that my much neglected plant would bloom again and today, I caught a glimpse of pink on the side of the plant that faced the window, I turned the pot a half turn and this is what greeted me. Lovely.
 And there will be more....


Karoda said...

Can I put my vote in for a dvd?!

Carol said...

Good news indeed. My cactus has not blooomed yet. Think I must have been paying too much attention to it and all the other plants. Hurry and find that house. It's been noted the prices are slowly going up. This is a good time .

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Katherine said...

I'm in line to order the DVD or book when its available...also available for test-driving. LOL!

Anonymous said...

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