Monday, April 08, 2013

Making a house feel like my home

is all I have been doing for the last week. Although I went to closing on March 20 and I began to move stuff from the apartment to here on the 21st, to my way of thinking I have been here a week.  That is since last Thursday, the 28th, when my bed was trucked over from the apartment. 
That night I slept in the house for the first time, on my mattress, laid on the floor, in the space that will be where my sewing machine will take up residence.  I didn't go to the trouble of putting up the bed in the bedroom  because carpet was to be installed in the room on Friday.  Once that was done  the bed went up, clean sheet put on.... ahhhh.  Slept like a log.
     The biggest concern I had when I went searching for a house to buy was; will it feel like my home and could I work in the space?   So far, it feels like home.   Can I work here is yet to be determined since all the supplies and equipment I need to work with are not unpacked.  I did not move into this house in my head prior to closing because I did not want to be disappointed if things fell apart in the buying process therefore I did not have a clear vision of where things would be placed. 
Here-to-fore in all of my previous homes I have done scale drawings of each room and know from day one where things would be placed.  Over time, these initial placements would be changed but I have a clear vision and know keeps you from po-ing the movers. 
Because I did not know where I wanted anything beside where my bed would go, I had everything off loaded into the garage and used it as the staging area.  What I discovered as I considered where to place an item was, yes the place is larger than where I was living, but it has far less wall space due to all the  windows, doors and hallway openings.  Mind you, I am not complaining.
    Windows are a good thing.  I love the light that comes in, but configuring the working and living spaces to best advantage has proved challenging.
Today I am going to spend most of my time in the garage.  Much of what will remain in the garage was  in the apartment, like my shelving and or stored in two large closets.  
I hope I will be able to show you some quilt work soon as my fingers are itching to get back to that instead of aching from all the wrapping, packing, cleaning in the apartment and  unwrapping, unpacking, placing, changing my mind , replacing and/or  repositioning.  I've given myself until Sunday to be done.     

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Karoda said...

you be in the house like an old hat soon and doing your thing!