Thursday, April 17, 2014

I took a studio time out

for several weeks to read and veg.  It was great for a while, but then the itch to touch fabric and turn on my sewing machines keep pushing into the front of my mind, pushing to the point where I was no longer finding pleasure in the written words on my Nook.  So back I went into the studio to finish quilting my friend Lois's piece and give it back to her to finish hand stitching the binding on. 
While vacating the creative space in my head I opted out of going to my Friday group too.  So no more hexes got done.  Last Friday I rejoined the group.  I took my box of hand work along with me  and now I have added to my stack.  What will I do with them in the end?   I still do not know. 
    Two Sundays ago I realizing my every other month on the third Wednesday group of eight who do dinner at Panera's would be meeting soon with a new challenge I had to get done.  The challenge was to go to a Dollar kind of store,  Family Dollar,  Dollar General.  You get the idea and spend no more than $5.00.  So on that Sunday off I went, four block away to the Dollar Family Store to make  my purchase of stuff or one item that I could incorporate into an "art quilt".  Here is what I brought with the five dollars.  I think I was in the store for at least an hour, picking up and putting down and contemplating what I could do with the stuff I found.  I finally settled on these items.  Crayons, envelopes, paper towel and a polyester cloth head band.  But had no clear cut idea of what would come from using these things.
This what I made.  I used paper towel for the batting.  I toned down the screaming orange of the head band with the crayon and stitched the trees on three torn apart and crumpled envelopes. 

That done, I went on to finish a  painting that I have used to demo my painting on silk technique while vending.
Today after I finished  reading the last few pages of a book on my nook I was back in the studio and  in the process of working out a design when the doctor's office called to ask if I could come in today at 1:00 pm for my 6 month cardio check-up instead of on Monday.  So I will be off doing that in a little bit.
In answer to a comment on a previous blog about whether I purchased a thermo mug with a image of one of my quilts on it.  Yes I did.  I really enjoy drinking both my morning coffee and cold drinks from it.
Gotta run, good thing the Doctor's office is just two miles away.

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Susan Turney said...

Hoping everything went well at the Dr's appt. and so happy to see a post!