Thursday, March 20, 2014

Love, love love my wood floor

Now if only I could justify the expense, put up with the dust and noise it would take to have all the tile in this house ripped (jack hammered) out and replaced with wood, I would but alas the cost of doing so makes it is a dream of mine only. 
After getting all of the stuff back in the closet and the furniture back into the bedroom I turned my attention to the studio space and the table tops I haven't seen free of clutter in weeks. "what a mess." This is my must get to "TODAY"S" project.  I have to get this all cleaned up and in order before I can turn my mind to working/creating again. 
Not sure if I will start on a pieced or painted project.  The piece on the design wall is something that belongs to my neighbor quilter friend Lois.  I told her I would finish quilting it for her several weeks ago, if she would let me use it as a class sample for my "Round Flower" class.  A class she took from me but had not gotten around to quilting yet.  The reason I needed to use her piece instead of one of  mine is that every time I make a sample for this class it gets sold.  Mind you I am not complaining about that fact, but on the other hand I really did not have time to start a new one from scratch.  However the reason I needed hers has  come and gone and not only did I not have time to start one from scratch I couldn't find time in my life to finish hers either, but since I did promise to quilt it for her, I will.  So this project is topping the list of must dos right behind getting the table surfaces cleared off.
Knowing my schedule would allow me to get back to my studio space this week with plenty of time to work, I did a quick inventory of my threads and saw  I was  out of or running low on several colors.   From the colors you see you can tell what colors I have been using a lot of.   Purples, yellows, red/oranges and greens.  Yum, yum.

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All my favorite colors also. Made me smile--and so did the messy studio. Looks a lot like mine except I am better at makes messes than quilting! LOL