Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It seems like forever since I was last here

sitting and finding myself without a pressing deadline for work to get completed or organizing stuff so Josh could pack the car for another trip to a quilt show site.
But all of that rushing about came to an end when I got home last evening after teaching the last class I have on my schedule until September and having done the last Quilt show on the Florida calendar for 2014 last Saturday in New Smyrna Beach.

Today I am packing the fragile things in my bedroom so I can have hard wood flooring
The flooring has been stacked and waiting for over a week in the hallway.
installed in my bedroom and closet, something I have wanted to do since buying this place a year ago. Of course the floor installation crew will move the heavy stuff, but you should see my closet, no, no I take that back.  I don't want anyone to see my closet, not in the state it is in at the moment.  That is why I will be spending the rest of this morning and a few more hours after lunch weeding out stuff I have not worn for a year or bed linens that should be donated to Goodwill. 

The last year has seen lots of changes in my life but only a few changes, none major, to this place because the condo suited me and my lifestyle so well when I brought it.  I still have not come up with a color for the walls that I think I can live with.  Funny, in the beginning finding the right color was a major concern, it is no more, now that I have gone through a whole year of seeing how the sunlight moves through the space I have found that the color that is here works.  The walls now are a warm beige which has never been a favorite color of mine.  For some time I been leaning toward a cool color, but then again, I just might forgo painting for another year mainly because painting would mean disruption and I so want to just sit down and create without disruptions or a deadline or knowing I have someplace to be other than my studio space.  Simply put, I just do not want to give my time to deconstructing and redecorating  this place to have the walls painted. 
The plantation shutters for the three small windows in my studio space remains one of the best things I ever did.  Love how they control the light coming in.

With a few hours to spare for shopping at a nursery and the help of the grand sons, all three.  I've finally added flowers and plants to the outside of my place. 

Out front near the drive way
out back off the patio, one on both sides of the space
I took advantage of  the grandsons strong backs and arm muscles to get the plants and bags of mulch from the SUV and into the ground, as well as having them put in  a couple of  plant  hooks so I can hang baskets of geraniums about the place. They added some much needed color.    Ferns line the back wall and a gardenia bush anchors the plantings at the end of the privacy fence between my place the neighbors. 

One of the most fun things I've done since the first of the year was having the honor of being one of the featured artist at a new event in Vero Beach, Florida titled "Quilted Beach". The event the planners hope will become an annual one with speakers, workshops and quilts created with a "modern quilt" aesthetic. I don't consider my work "modern" but it certainly isn't traditional either.  It was great to see so many of my pieces displayed with me there to talk to everyone who stopped by my table to comment or inquire about my work.
The other neat thing that has happened is me being featured for Craft month or National Quilting Day by a Venice Beach, FL based business that makes plastic thermo drink ware on their blog.  Go have a look.  I am very pleased with their presentation.


Karoda said...

A well done interview! Wishing you the best!

janice pd said...

what a nice display at the show and I remember Tervis tumblers from when I lived in Sarasota. The 2 I've had for 10 years finally bit the dust. Are they going to purchase one of your floral designs for their tumblers?