Friday, January 31, 2014

I really should go out my front door more often

if I had, I would have been reminded that Winter is coming to an end much sooner.  Today I did and guess what I found 
blooming right outside my front door along the side of the house where the front door is located.  I go and come through the garage and  I consider view to be the front of my house and you can't see the flowers from here.. 
I spend the majority of my days looking through the slider toward the back of my place and what I see out there is  

really scruffy looking brush with Autumn coloration.  Plus today it is raining and 55 degrees.  But there is no snow, yeah!!!!
I am adjusting to painting under a fan that is not on by bringing out the hair dryer to hasten the drying of painting.  All the light are on in the studio to combat the gloom.  It's been gloomy all week.  Without the sun to warm the place, I've had to turn the furnish on to cut the chill. 
To get my mind off the weather of which I have no control, I will let you see what I have been doing since I last blogged. 
Three pieces complete with facing and sleeves. 
I am replenishing my inventory of small pieces that I sell  in my vendor booth.  I am off to Port St. Lucie next Wednesday. Getting ready for that show,  I want to  get one more piece finished along with this one that Ii finished painting a few minutes ago and now needs quilting.
All of the above pieces measure in the 12" x 18" range.
For those who have been asking where I will be teaching that is not guild sponsored,  I'm letting you know that I  will be teaching my Flowers in the Round Class on Monday March 17, in Brandon, Fl.
If you are interested, Contact Gigi at or her cell 813-376-5015

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