Monday, January 06, 2014

Six little quilts to mark the sixth day

of the new year.  (they really were all finished including sleeves and labels at bed time on the fifth day.
No... I am not trying to make one piece per day.  I know several artist who do daily art projects but I am not one who wants to do that manly because I  really, really do not like working really small    The largest of these pieces finished at 12" x 19" and the smallest  10.5" x 16".  Which is in my comfort zone.  Smaller pushes my creative comfort boundaries.
I got onto doing these with gusto mainly because I  needed several small pieces to flesh out my supply of small works for the up coming Mancuso show in West Palm.   If you are in the area drop by the show and come by and say hello and take a small piece home with you or some of my hand dyes.

I am so used to my space being rather orderly I had to stop and shake my head at the mess I made while working these past five days.  If you think this is messy you should see my "studio closet room"  which is what I call the small third bedroom in my condo where I keep my bulky stuff like batting and patterns and the large raised cutting table looks like now as I am busy organizing and  packing for the show.

Since the New Year started I have dyed, washed out, ironed and rolled 100 yards of fabric to add to my inventory.
We have some truly beautiful birds here in Florida that walk about everywhere.  They are so common that I don't think they warrant me running to get my camera.  But an ugly bird, perched on top of a pine tree that had lost it's top branches in some past storm caught my eye as I was working last week. 

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Karoda said...

It looks like a buzzard. and yes, I am shocked that even these sizes are within your comfort zone...I always hear you inside my head telling me to go larger. :)