Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Looking back on 2013

Looking back  I found all  the quilts, large and small that I did in 2013.  At first I thought, "that's not much for a whole year" but when I thought about it a little longer I gave myself a pass because last year was not easy yet I kept on working at something I loved doing.  A lot happened in my life.   I lost a daughter, brought a condo and moved, had health issues, traveled to teach more than I have done in several years and began to vend at quilt shows.  I brought a new car, rather a SUV that will make packing and ferrying stuff  to vend at quilt shows easier.
Yes,  I had a full calendar and while you can not tell just how large some of these pieces are from the photo images,  five (5) are rather large.  I also had a very successful selling year and a lot of my work from previous years  now hangs in other peoples homes rather than residing rolled up in my closet.  So of that I am really happy.  I am also pleased that I am still painting and quilting the images I love along with painting and quilting some of the smaller pieces that started off being made as class samples  but are now being produced to sell in my vendor booth. 
I joined two groups of women and I love being a part of both groups.
I am dyeing fabric again, something I haven't done seriously since moving to Florida in 2009.
The stuff I didn't get done last year that was on my to do list for 2013 that I still want to do and are:
write and finish  a book and/ or get an instructional DVD done.  About the book,  I have  only three chapters done so far.  I wanted to enter my work in some in and out of state quilt shows.   I didn't get far with that plan and entered quilts in  only one in state  contest.
Oh well there is 2014. 
Hope you all have a wonderful, creative and blessed New Year.


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