Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Hollyhocks are done,

at least the quilting part as well as working back in with some additional paint to darken the centers.  Not sure if I am done yet  as far as painting and cropping.  For now I will live with it on the design wall for a couple of days to see if it needs some more tweaking. 
     I'm a few days past my self imposed dead line so if I still like the way it looks  on Thursday I should be able to get the sleeves and facing sewn in place this Friday while I am visiting with the Friday Fabs at one of the members home.
     Next week is all work/work.  I think of my painting and quilting as fun/work.  Dyeing is work and I plan to dye about 100 yards of fabric, get it ironed and folded as well as checking my vendor booth supplies and pricing quilts.  I bit the bullet and decided to be a vendor at the Mancuso World Quilt Show/Florida in West Palm Beach in January.  It is a three day show and the longest in days and hours that I have participated in thus far. 
     So if you are in the area come to the show and say hello. I'm in booth 222.    Of course while you are there you can buy one of my quilts or watch me demo my technique for painting on silk with watercolor pigment and soy milk.  Maybe I can get you hooked on the process/technique.
     In the mean time, Merry Christmas from sunny  70 degrees Central Florida where is does not in the least little bit look any where like the Holiday is upon us.

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