Sunday, December 08, 2013

A before and after

look at my latest piece.  What a difference the addition of the blue black acrylic paint made to the look of the piece as well as some additional working back into the greens to add some subtle shading.
The piece is still hanging on the design wall because It still needs the facing, sleeves and a label.

     The hollyhock piece is under the needle of the HQ16.   I hope to have it done , at least the quilting, by this time next week.
Last week I also changed the placement of some of the stuff in my studio space to take  advantage of the lower level of  light that comes through the windows,  which is far less than the light  that came through the windows  in the spring, perfect and the summer too bright.  Sigh
The light in this space is proving to be a lot like Goldie Locks and her bears.  Too much, too little, just right.  The just right is March to May.  June to September is too much.  October started the decline and I will have to see how long this period last.   I didn't see this condo  and contemplate buying it until the end of February.  At the first viewing I thought the light was great.  When I moved in in March it was wonderful. 
Now the north light and east light that comes into the space doesn't last long enough for me.  But neither does the daylight in general since it is Winter.  These shorter days are making me long for the Summer days several months back when I was complaining about too much light and having to install plantation shutters to control the brightness. 


A Nudge said...

Yes, light is such an important factor in sewing. Your studio is marvelous! And the blue poppies are stunning! I'm so glad I got to see them on your design wall. I didn't realize they were so big! Fabulous piece.

VPoitier said...

What a marvelous space to work in. I am wondering how to make my space more light filled and cozy. love the blue poppies before, and of course after.
Ms. Val