Thursday, December 05, 2013

It seems like a long long time

since I blogged and even longer  when I began this piece.  Yesterday I finished quilting this piece, blocked it (steam pressed) and cropped it down to this.  I still have to add the stamens (a lot of black dots) to the centers and of course the facing, sleeves and label. Will let you see it when that is done.
     But before that, I am returning to a piece that was painted in July.   The hollyhocks painting was suppose to be the first piece I planned to quilt using the HQ 16.   As it turned out, I got really frustrated with the machine.  I couldn't get in sync with it.  I was not happy so  I set this piece aside.  Worked on several other pieces until I worked through the learning process need for the HQ16.     It is a rare thing for me to have a UFO in my studio and this piece was not going to be so classified for too long even though I  folded it up and placed it in a  "I'll get back to it later" bin. 
    Well a lot of pieces have gone under the needle  in the HQ since that day.  But the time was well spent because I have bonded with the HQ now and the frequent changing of the thread top and bottom no longer take much thought to do which quilting this piece requires. Will let you know when it is finished.
Hope all had a good Thanksgiving Day.

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Susan Turney said...

I think I say the same thing each time really is always so good to see a new post!