Friday, December 13, 2013

The Christmas season begins for me

when the annual ornament from my Louisville, KY friend Kathy Loomis arrives as it did this week.  I smiled when I  saw the return address on the envelope.  But this  year its arrival was bitter sweet in that I wasn't sure just how much jolliness I was would be able to talk myself into this year.  With that said, I had decided that I would not put up a tree nor hang a wreath on the front door, so the best  thing about my gift from Kathy  this year is  it really does not say oh joy, oh joy and since it doesn't  this years ornament will survive the Holiday Season to hang on a wall in my studio space all year round.  That way I will think of Kathy  every time I see it.
 Front and back views of this years ornament.  Thanks Kathy.

The Friday Fabs group had our annual holiday meeting that was held at one of the members home.  Twenty five were present for the pot-luck and show and tell of one finished UFO.  Not everyone participated but we had a good time guessing who the quilts belonged to in that there was two people designated to open the pillow cases or bags to hold up the pieces while the maker kept quiet as the rest of us tried to guess who it belonged to.  That was fun.  Of course I guessed wrong 90% of the time.
There was lots of assorted eats for the pot luck meal.  I didn't take a picture of the food, but here are a
few candid shots of the day.  The blue poppies is what I took for show and tell so I had to finish it, facing and sleeves.  Shhhh... it is signed on the front but there is no label on the back yet.
We lunched on the screened in patio area.  Only in Florida in mid December.  I loving it!!!!

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Aren't get togethers with quilting friends and food just the best? May 2014 be the best year ever in health ,wealth and art.