Thursday, December 19, 2013

Last night my every other month group of eight

that meets on the third Wednesday met at Kate's home for the grand opening of her home studio.  The addition to her home was a gift from her husband and allowed her to move from a bedroom into this much larger and well lit space.  She has not moved everything in yet but she cut the ribbon, tada!
And we all oohed and aah-ed.

Kate cutting the ribbon
Sink for mixed media work, there was also a large elevated table on wheels with a granite top that I forgot to take a picture of that was made with too base cabinets for added storage of mixed media supplies.  The room has windows on three sides, with  East, North and South exposure, the west wall is for her 8' x 8' design wall.
Here we are ogling her over sized custom sewing table with a drop leaf extension on the back.  Loved her flooring which was bamboo.  She plans to get everything moved into the space next week after the finial electrical inspection is done. 


Here is a look at her walk in studio closet.  Everything labeled and ORGANIZED. 
Of course when quilters gather around meal time, there is food, in our case it was a pot luck affair with ham, layered salad, beef and potato casserole, bread, there was even some for me without wheat, cheese cake and baklava for dessert as well as other munchies.
   Since some of us were missing at our October meeting and we couldn't  exchange with everyone then, we got it done last night.    Here's a look at what I would call  small works instead of  ATC's (Artist trading cards).  
   I got my wish for weather that felt a little more like the season.   It was a rather nippy 51 degrees with a breeze last night here in central Florida.  Brrrr!!!!  But one night was enough.  It can return to normal now, thank you.
   I'm wishing all a  Merry Christmas  now just in case  I don't get back to blogging before the 25th.

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Susan Turney said...

Merry Christmas, Juanita. I know this will be a hard one but hope it contains a little merriment.