Saturday, May 10, 2014

I'm back from one of my favorite parts of the State

Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach and Stuart.  All are relatively close to each other to the point you can't tell when you have left one and entered another as you drive south or north on US 1 as I did last Thursday.  I got off the Interstate 95 at the Vero Beach exit because I say a formation of jets flying over the area and was intrigued.  Turned out, as I stood looking up, standing next to my car from a shopping center parking lot I chanced to turn into, it was the Blue Angels practicing their routine.  I learned later for an air show they were part of that Saturday in Vero Beach.  They are amazing.  I am not very fond of flying as my friends and family know.  I've gotten better over the years, but to see a plane fly, take off and land, ranks right up  there with seeing red fire engines, the ones with ladders and the firemen standing on the back, heart flutters and ah.
     Now back to the reason I was in Port St. Lucie and Stuart on Thursday and Friday.  I was there to present a program for the Martin County Quilters Guild, a repeat for me.  I feel good when I am asked back to teach.  And there is nothing better than seeing familiar faces in your audience and classes.
     This time I taught the painting on silk with soy workshop.  There were 18 in the class which was help in a meeting room at the hotel where they put me up, which was very convenient.
     Here are a few of the pieces that were finished.  I forgot my camera again but used my smart phone to capture these images from a few of the students.
 They had a choice of two pattern to paint
of the 18 most chose the above pattern.

 I am home for a week and then I am off to Brandon,  near the Gulf side of the state. 
In the days between now and then I plan to get at least one largest painting done.


A Nudge said...

Such beauties! I can see making a quilt from them. Thanks for sharing.

Susan Turney said...

What a fun class to take. Lucky students!