Thursday, May 01, 2014

May.... where did April go

Was the thought I woke with this morning.
I could tell that the year was moving on by the look of the wooded are at the back of my place.  Each morning as I open the blinds at the window and pull back the blinds I can't miss the greening of the growth.  I noticed that there is a magnolia tree in the woods, but it took the zoom lens on my calendar to bring the blooms into focus
The Nile Lilies, I believe they are called is sending up stalks with heads that will burst forth in purple blooms soon.  That will make me happy seeing them from where I stand to iron.
I've been working on replenishing my small quit inventory as I look forward to the upcoming local quilt shows I plan to vend at.  I used my hand dyed cotton to make this piece with a narrow strip of commercial cotton.
 I tried using a liquid fine art watercolor paint manufactured by Ph Dr. Martin to see how well it behaved on cotton that had not been pre-treated with soy milk.  Found there was more bleeding or movement of the paint when used without the soy milk already in the fabric and for diluting the paint.

I conducted my first small group workshop in my studio space last Tuesday.  The sleeping chair went to my bedroom. The Love seat  and the pots of plants to the garage.  I did not move this stuff  myself.  I had the grandsons do that and bring in the four, four feet fold up leg work tables.   
Just as I figured,  four is definitely  the maximum I can handle when sewing machine are involved.  I enjoyed  the day and hope my students did as well. 
I am off to Port St Lucie on the Atlantic side of the state next week to teach. 
Love that part of Florida.
I plan to get started on a large watercolor painted piece tomorrow.  Will let you see my progress.

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