Thursday, July 31, 2014

Of late, I'm not sure why I feel I have to finish every piece I start

n matter what, but that's just me.  For the last three days I have been quilting and putting facing on these three pieces.  The red/orange flower below has been hanging on my design wall for over a month.  It was one of six pieces that I paint a while back that I kept putting to the back of the quilting line because it was my  least favorite of the ones I painted in that session and I have found every excuse in the book for  letting it hang on the design wall  until this morning.  When I walked into my studio this morning, with nothing else on my agenda and saw it hanging there, I said to myself... just finish it and be done with it.
Well I tried to get it done today, but two phone calls shortened my studio time so tomorrow I still have the facing, sleeve and label to do.  The do the hand work on the facing and sleeve tomorrow while visiting with the ladies of the Friday Fabs group. 
It will be a small group that will be meeting  as most of them are going on a road trip to see a quilt exhibit at the Stetson Mansion in De Land , do lunch and possibly visit the quilt shop there.
14" x 17"
Now that it's done.  I like it.  The quilting helped, then the shading and then the over painting with yellow to add some value changes to what was a flat vermilion and pedals without definition.  True red is a challenge to work with.  It  is hard to change the value of it without making it  pink or orange.  In this case I  do like how I pushed it into the warm orange range.  If you know me, red/orange is my favorite color.

7" x 10.5"
 These two pieces, which are quite small, were painted to try a combination of three paint colors to see how they worked together. 
I like contrast in my work and  I think the background value is too dark. 
I played around with some water color pencils.  Using them with a stencil and rubbed on a damp stamps.  When using stamps in the past, I have dabbed  not so diluted water color paint on them.   As I continue to test my silk samples I noted that these two pieces of silk were  more beige than white which I think also influenced the color/value.  I am leaning toward using only white or slightly off white in the future
6" x 7.5"

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