Sunday, August 10, 2014

Working with Silk Dupioni continues

This is what I did with the largest piece of silk I got from Tee.  It was beige more so than ecru so I thought it would be best to create something with a colored background.  Here is what I did and the steps I took to get it to its current stage.  I have blocked it, trimmed it down so it is ready for the facing, sleeve and label which I plan to get started on to today and finish it up  on Monday.
      I'll take it along with me on Tuesday to be part of my trunk show/presentation when I speak to an  art quilt group in Tampa.  Will more likely than not I will spend the night and drive home on Wednesday.    My old eyes do not like driving long distances on unfamiliar roads  any more.

     Along with trying silk dupioni I have been using Invis-a-fil thread by Wonderfil .  It is a 100 wt polyester thread that comes in 60 colors.  The good thing is you don't need every color of the thread they make so you can match every color of fabric you use.  Or in my case every color I can mix to paint with, rather the good thing is the thread tends to take on the color of what it is sewn on as long as the value is close.  Mind you after trying several spools and quilting three pieces with the thread I am not ready to discord my Isocord yet. 
     I found this thread to be finicky and frustrating.  It tended to break when I was speeding along using my HQ Sweet Sixteen to free motion.   I had no trouble with it when using the walking foot for straight line quilting on the Janome Horizon 7700. 
     When it didn't break ever five square inches or so I loved that it went over an area with two or three values changes without one being able to tell that there hadn't been a thread color change.

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