Monday, December 15, 2014

I've said it before, but if it wasn't for Kathy

I fear Christmas would come and go without me giving much thought to decking the halls with bells, holly or the other stuff that most people consider appropriate for the season, like snow flakes and snowmen in Florida...  really.
    I find this time of year in Florida confusing at best, out the north facing window is the scruffy that I blogged about last.  Whereas I see through  the east facing windows palms and on this day a wonderful blue sky
and to add more confusion to that out the south facing  front window grows pansies, yes pansies that speak to me of Spring.
     Thank goodness a card with an ornament arrived last week from Kathy to keep me on track.  I haven decorated a tree since moving to Florida and I won't again this year, but I do display the ornaments Kathy sends me with as much joy as I get from receiving them.  Here's a look at some of them including the one I got this year.  Thanks Kathy...
This is my latest piece, 18" w x 16" l
This is the piece  I am working on now.  I put in a couple of hours yesterday quilting it. 
The above picture taken right after I finished  layering it, making ready to quilt. 

It's under the needle.  Will let you see it again when it is done.
If I don't get back before the 25th , here's wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.

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Karoda said...

are you using the George? Are you loving it? How does it compare with the Janome? All this down time has me thinking and thinking about choices for the next studio set up.