Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Here we are,

a full week into the new year.  Oh, by the way, Happy New Year to all.  I didn't make any resolutions that are set in stone knowing I am prone to let them go about the time the Chinese New Year rolls around,  which by the way starts on the 19th of Feb. this year. 
     With the holiday gatherings,  enjoying a visit with my grand-daughter, going to the movies and teaching classes I've not gotten a lot to show for the time what time I've spent in the studio since I last blogged. 
     Did start a new project,  this is the line drawing. 
Surprise, it is not a painted project, rather an appliqued one.  It is all put together, but still  needs to be quilted.   I'll show it to you when it is done.
The one below is done.  Still needs a sleeve and label, but what else is new.
I'm calling it, January.  It reflect how I've felt the last two months.  Gloomy.   I am so ready for the sunshine this State is known for.
An Answer for my friend Karen in KY (Karoda to those who read her blog)  who asked if I was using a George to quilt my work.  No,  it is a Handi Quilter Sweet 16 and I love using it now, but it took a little time for me to get comfortable with it.  I had to adjust the height of the chair I was using even through the bed  of the HQ 16 was the same height as the bed of my Janome.  then I had to raise the foot of the machine because my leg was to short to reach the pedal. 
As for learning the machine, it took time to do that too.  In the learning I found the pre-wound Magna-glide bobbins from Bobbin Central work the best for me.  Threading the machine slowed me down until I realized you could tie on the new thread and pull it through all the guides like Serger users do.  Since the foot did not hop, I had to adjust the height of the foot because I use four layers in my quilts instead of the usual three.  Successfully learning how to do that took some doing.  Had to watch the you-tube video several time to assure myself that I was doing it right.  All in all, a good machine that has not caused me a minute of regret for having purchased it and the two (drop down) table  extensions.   Among Friends   carries them if you haven't sat down to quilt with one.

Now by instinct, without conscious thought,  I can turn  the tension knob to adjust the tension needed from one thread weight to another.  I can change bobbins by feel in a snap whereas at first I dreaded doing so. 

The addition of a Teflon sheet (or Slider) makes moving the quilt around easier.   I needed more light.  The addition of this shop light with a daylight bulb is great.  Didn't  see the need to purchase a light kit from HQ when this set-up works great for less money.
I often show you what I see through my windows in the day time.

 But this is what caught my eye last night when I turned out the light in the studio and made my way toward the bedroom.  Didn't know which of the two I liked the best so you get to see both

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