Saturday, February 07, 2015

And Still We Rise, the exhibit

Last night I ventured into the city (Orlando) to the Orange County Regional History Center to see a  traveling exhibit of art quilts created by members of the Women of Color Quilter's Network in Partnership with the Cincinnati Museum Center and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.
And Still We Rise, the exhibit of 60 or so story quilts depicting a person or event significant to African American history was curated by  Carolyn Mazloomi, Ph.D., and featured works by many quilters/fiber artists that I know. 
Putting into practice  my friend Marti Plager's  approach to looking at an exhibit, I asked myself, if I was gifted any one of the pieces I saw, which one would I want to take home with me and this is the one that I chose. 
Please excuse the quality of the images, as we were in a low light museum setting and no flashes were allowed.  I was happy that they had not posted a no photo sign. 

We are all warmed by the same sun" 2012, Helen Murrell, Cleveland Heights, OH 53.5" x 54"
There were many in the exhibit that I liked, made by women I have met.  Here are a few of  them.  I was a little partial in taking pictures as they were created not by artist I have met, but by artist that I know quite well.

This one was created by ,
Valarie White, Denver, CO
and this one is by

Valerie Poitier, MA
I was invited to attend the opening by my dear friend Carole Lyles Shaw.  I have know her for many  years and was so happy when she called saying she was moving to Florida shortly after I moved here.  She lives in Sarasota, about two hours by car away,  but we have managed to see each other often, e-mail and talk on the phone even more.  Here she is standing in front of her piece in the exhibit.  For the opening, she was the only artist present. I was told that several others with work in the exhibit will be coming to see the exhibit today (Saturday)  For anyone in the Orlando area, with an interest in history and storytelling quilts for the many techniques used in creating them, the exhibit is well worth seeing.  




Life Scraps and Patches said...

I saw this exhibit in Cincinnati, actually went twice. It was nice to revisit it again with your pictures.

Arlene Kweli Jones said...

Thank you for bringing me up to date on the exhibit. I was blessed to have my quilt accepted, Repatriation. I have not seen the show yet. During the Cincinnati opening I was in Ghana. I live in New York and hope to see it soon.

kathy york said...

You picked some of my favorites too! Thanks! The exhibit is here in Austin now. I just loved it!