Thursday, June 11, 2015

Is it done yet?

No, but at least there are no workmen scheduled for today yet. 
This is what my kitchen looks like with just the solar tube on a cloudy day.   
Below is cloudy day with the solar tube and the ceiling lights on.  I plan to change out the standard tube bulbs under the cabinet to the daylight white ones  The daylights makes a big difference in seeing the true colors in the tile and countertop
     I got up this morning and cleaned away all the construction dust from the kitchen and hallway from the garage from were the workmen came and went.  But my intention of getting back to using my kitchen fully is not to be because....
      I  need an electrician to come in and fix what every problem there is that is keeping my countertop outlets from working.  They worked just fine before the renovations began.  So for now all of my small appliances are of no use and I do so miss my Keurig.  I guess I could have resorted to plugging it into one of the outlets somewhere else in the house, but I kept telling myself, it won't be much longer. you only drink one cup of coffee a day and Dunkin Donuts is just up the street when you are desperate for a cup.  Well needless to say, my idea of not much longer got a reality check. 
     The furniture I sent out to be reupholstered was several days past  the promised date for completion.  When I called yesterday to check on the progress I was told the love seat was done and if I wanted they could bring it back in the afternoon.  So in the midst of a pouring rain it was returned to its place in my studio.  I know, getting your old sofa back is not as exciting as getting all new, but  it's more comforting, like seeing an old friend looking radiant and well  even when you know it's because they had a skin peel and a facelift.  

The fabric I selected for the chair and ottoman that will be used in the Murphy bed room is on back order, so I am not sure when those two pieces will be back.  I'm not whining, at least not yet, mainly because I don't have time to just sit with my feet up or park myself with a book or, or, or.
     I'm making slow progress on my current piece. not to make excuses but I was abed for two days with a stomach flu or some such bug and felt terrible on Sunday and worse on Monday, but began feeling better on Tuesday but as of today my appetite is still MIA.  
Having a 2 day small group class here in the studio for five ladies from the Tampa area starting Saturday morning.  If I remember to take pictures I'll share them.


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Karoda said...

Hi Juanita! Love the old-new loveseat and the quilt is looking "happy" ;)