Thursday, June 04, 2015

Inside, outside, all around the house.

Every time I go into the kitchen I try to think about all the things I like about my kitchen that is still not ready for me to prepare a meal in rather than the things that get me a little ticked off.  Like I have been waiting for two weeks for the guy to run the venting for the microwave to exhaust the cooking fumes to the outside and he said he's see me yesterday to do that, he said yesterday that he would be back next Tuesday instead.  The counter tops came and were installed, except they cut the pieces from two different slabs and there is a noticeable difference in the color. 
The job inspector was here yesterday and is putting in a claim for it all to be redone.  (3-4 weeks) in the mean time, the back splash was being installed and I could have halted that job until the new pieces arrived or let the tiler finish and I look forward to having it all torn out and replaced in three to four weeks when the new counter top is installed.. 
   Now for something I like.  I like the look of  my under mounted sink. It is deeper than the one I had, but the hole for the faucet that was cut in the countertop was cut off center, so it wasn't the plumbers fault when it installed it that way, but in looking a little closer, the sink is off center too in relation to the sink cabinet.
    I am waiting for Justin the middle grandson who knows electrical wiring (he did that in the Navy) to rewire my outlet plugs with off white fixtures, replacing the white ones that are there now. 
    I really like my dishwasher even though it has not been leveled yet.  It is so quiet you have to check the panel to see if it on. 
    Yesterday wanting to get out of the house an away for a while from the little annoyances that this remodel is presenting me with I went to the nursery at Home Depot and Lowe"s and brought plants.
The home association takes care of the all the grass and common area planting, we do have a little patch of earth that we can do something with.  I haven't done much with this in the last two summers.  I did plant ferns along the back wall of the condo.  That area stays moist and get very shady north light.  The ferns have filled in and are doing really well
     The patch at the corner of the condo gets sun from sunrise until about three in the afternoon, but it stays moist for days after a rain and the air conditioner drips constantly there as well, so I looked for plants that were labeled part sun and  moist soil. 
       I don't think the Nile Lilies liked where they are, instead of spreading to fill the area as the resident condo gardener said they would, they have been steadily declining in clumps and the flowers that were abundant and full the first two years were spindly and sickly looking this springs.  I will try feeding them to see if that perks them up, if not, I'll rip them out and find something else to plant in their spot. 
    Need to get some mulch for this patch  to finish it off. 
 I brought several Hibiscus plants.  If they do well and grow, they will make a really good privacy hedge.
  I saw a hawk in the backyard yesterday that was eyeing an armadillo
When I came back to the studio after lunch they were both gone.

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