Saturday, May 30, 2015

Progress on different fronts

I am beginning to see some progress but not fast enough for me.  I just have to keep telling myself to take a deep breath and have a little patience... it will all be over soon, right!
     The garage still hold a lot of stuff that needs to be put together or placed where it  is suppose to go, like a white planter stand for the sitting room (third bedroom with the Murphy bed)  Room was finally painted, trim too yesterday.  I will show you the room minus the planter that will go in front of the window with the chair where it will be as it is now, although the upholsterer is coming to pick it up on Wednesday with the promise of it being back completely redone in a week.
Looking into the room from the doorway
So happy I finally found a place to display my Hospice angles. (see above the closet doors)  The artist who designed and made only thirteen of these angles for Hospice died several years ago. Sad to know there will be no more of the charming figures holding a variety of things.  (a heart, dove, house, wreath, etc)   I have twelve of them and have since 2001 been looking for the first one in the series without any luck.   
The chair that is so comfy that it will put you to sleep and ottoman will be recovered in a yellow/pink and green floral print, cheery.
This wall is not finished.  I still  have a few other things, to hang on it
The planter will go in front of the window after Josh puts it together for me. 
The roofers came and put the roof vent in on Tuesday.  So that part of the job is done.  Here's a look at the progress in the kitchen. 
Can't believe it has been over a  month getting to this point, but I was assured it will all be done, backsplash, venting system, handles on cabinets and drawers as well as the trim work under the counter top by next Wednesday.

 The counter top has more blue in the stone than what the sample showed, making me question m choice of backsplash tile.  But I looked around for a day and could not find any tile I like better so it will be what it will be. 
This is what is under the needle in my studio.  As I was burying a thread, which I do as I go rather than save them all until the end, I thought I'd tell you about a little discovery I made. 
I use these  threaders to make quick work of getting to stands of thread through the eye of a size 9 embroidery needle,
but by doing so, I used to go through a lot of them in the course of making a quilt , so many that I started buying them in bulk.  That was the case  until I started taping them, 
Now, they last for months before they get mis-sharpened and break. 

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