Tuesday, May 05, 2015

I went for a ride

 this morning on my tricycle.  Just so my son Mike knows I was being safe, I stayed inside the gates to the condo community.  And no I didn't wear my helmet.  My head like the rest of me has gotten larger or my helmet shrank.  Come to think of it, I like the second excuse best.
My Myke
My Bike
If you think it is easy to ride one of these, you are wrong.  Toddlers on trikes are stronger than you think.  It takes more arm strength to keep this thing going in the right direction than a two wheeler.  On one of these you lean if the road leans because of the two wheels in the back and there is no balancing this thing on your own like a two wheeler.  No letting go of the handlebars either.  It was a real workout and arm wrestle to keep it going straight. I could have done more than a mile, but I am going to work  up to more distance slowly. 
Notice too, there are no gears so it is all unassisted leg power. 
I will be painting this morning as I wait for the counter top template guy to come.  But first I've got to find where Josh (the grandson) stowed the Keurig so I can plug it in somewhere to brew a cup of coffee.

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