Thursday, May 21, 2015

Still living in a reconstruction zone

and what a pain.  The counter tops are to be installed on the 29th, so I am still working in a kitchen with only one flat surface, (the smooth top range)  It is hard juggling the small appliances I want to use as well as the burners. 
     The Murphy bed was installed and I really like the look of the unit.
  Will give you a look at that room after the painting is finished.  Josh got the wall the bed unit was install on painted as you can see but not the rest of the room yet. 
     Had a good trip to NYC last week to teach a class.  It was great getting to see so many ladies many of whom I'd met years ago and many that  know very well like Sandra and Brenda who drove up from Virginia to attend the class.  If you are every in Jamaica Queens section on a Thursday you must eat at the Door restaurant.  Very good Jamaican food and great service. 
The closest I came to seeing what most people think of when you say you are going to NYC was the fly over  (Ellis Island and the Lady (Statue of Liberty)  as the plane was landing at LaGuardia. On the way out, I had a great view of the city from the air as we flew north east and banked left over New Jersey to fly home  with a plane change in Atlanta.
     I came home an finished stitching the sleeve to a small piece for the SAQA auction and got it in the mail two weeks ahead of the deadline and after one day when I did noting, I finished painting this piece yesterday.  
.I am about to layer it and begin quilting after I eat lunch.  Will let you see it again once that is done.

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