Monday, May 04, 2015

I wish I'd taken a before the deconstruction photo

so I would have some images to look back on.  But the Handymen arrived later than scheduled this morning to take down the knee wall behind the sink.  Noisy! And rip off the counter tops.  A little banging.  Not bad. They will be back to do the trim after the plumber comes he said and
  left leaving behind a trail of dry wall dust and foot prints.  At least he said he could cut my cabinet and install a vent to exhaust my cooking fumes to the outside and he will build a box around the metal vent using the wood from the shelves in the cabinet above the stove that will be removed in order to put in the vending.  Will still need a roofer to cut the hole in the roof when the Handyman  is done with the venting.  AHHHH!!!!
So now I am waiting on the plumber to come in the next day or so to  disconnect the dishwasher and cut down the water pipes in the shorten knee wall and install the new dishwasher.  The template guy is  scheduled for tomorrow and the dryer vent cleaning guy is coming on Wednesday.
     In the mean time I decided to start painting to save my sanity. The painting will finish at  around 44" square.
After lunch and maybe a nap I will finish ironing the fabric for the kits I need for New York.  Got to get them in the FedEx system  before Friday.

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