Sunday, August 02, 2015

Hello on this unsunny Sunday

     Having a little problem with stick- to- it -ness when it comes to this quilt.  I love the colors and  the fabrics I selected, it just the sameness, the repetitiveness of making one half square block after another.  Sameness and repetitiveness are   the reasons why I can recall only four quilts with repeat blocks that I've  completed out of several hundred I've made since 1983.     
     I took a few minutes to go weed my little patch of ground I call a garden this morning between the rain spells.  Everything is doing great except the Lilies of the Nile.  Not sure if they like drier roots than they have had this year.
     For several days I have been hearing a different bird call coming from the wooded area at  the back of the condo,  Today when I saw a flash of red, I grabbed my camera.  

Maybe I was hearing this bird's call.

  Still looking out the window a few minutes after the Cardinal flew away I say the Hawk that visits often. 
Got a good laugh when it was chased away by to smaller birds. 
Maybe they are protecting a nest nearby..
Putting on my movie critic hat, I went to see the overly long last offering in the Tom Cruise Mission Impossible series.  All I'll say is , it wasn't good.  The best part happened in the first few minutes of the movie. The part they run on TV as a preview with him hanging onto an airplane as it leaves the ground.   The  rest was ho-hum.
Blogging today is my  way of procrastinating, so I will go now and get back to making 1/2 square triangle block as I listen to the rain..

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Kathleen Loomis said...

so why are you making this quilt if you're bored with it already??

love your hawk