Thursday, July 30, 2015

Love what you do

Making quilts or quilt art or art quilts or  creating with fabric, all that mainly because I love color and flowers.  What I do not love is getting my picture taken.  But today I had to suffer through getting that done because the curator of an exhibit I will have a piece in requested a couple of images of me in my studio.  Lois came before
I had make-up on and came back when I did.  She was very patient with me making faces at her and was able to get one that I don't mind the world seeing.
Liz was with her the second time she came wanting to see my renovations.

This is Liz, she has the most charming British  accent,  Makes you want to sit for a spot of tea when she speaks.
Speaking of visitors, I  had the biggest spider I ever saw come for a visit yesterday.  I figured it came down from the attic through the hole that was cut for the microwave  exhaust pipe.  I saw it when it crawled out of the cabinet while I was heating my lunch in the microwave.  Once I got over the shock of seeing it, I couldn't move fast enough with my broom to smash it.  So it spent the night in my house hiding up in the area above the kitchen cabinet.  I had a light worrying sleep, imaging the thing coming to walking all over me as I slept.  But that didn't happen. 
All day yesterday and this morning when I  went to the kitchen I was on the look out for it but never say it again.  Today, just when I had not thought of it for a while it came walking across the studio floor. 
No longer shocked at its size I ran for the broom.  This time it did not get away.  Can of bug killer in one hand,  broom in the other, I tried to usher it out the door to keep from killing it.   You know there is this old wives  tale about killing a spider and causing it to rain.  Well it rained today, boy did it rain, thunder and lightening rain, now I am not saying it was because I killed the spider, which I did as much as I didn't want to because it refused to be swept out the door. 
I had to live with the bug spray smell for a while, but at least tonight I can sleep soundly.
And best of all  no more critter invasions, at least not though the hole in the cabinet.  My friend Lois's husband came this morning too and filled the space around the vent pipe with expanding insulation foam.  A husbands of a friends who is handy is a very good thing.

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