Monday, July 06, 2015

My garden is looking good

Still need mulching, but have not had time or  mulch on my mind on the days I've gone shopping to get more paint for the house and other décor stuff.  

Picture is  not as sharp as it could be because  I took it through the slider screen.  For my own garden viewing pleasure I will be moving the screen to the other side of the slider.
Love the peachy orange color of these Hibiscus and man are they blooming like crazy.

My place is finally back in order after my "I'm just going to do a little updating" project went from what I thought would be a month to  six week tops  to double that time.   Now that the end is here I am so glad I did it.  I hope that holds true after the people come on Tuesday to replace the missed-matched quartz. countertops.   
And at last I'll  have my yellow house exactly like I wanted it.  .  Every room and hallway has yellow walls but not the same yellow throughout.   I thought that would be a little boring so I used six or seven different coordinating ones.. 

As I was putting everything back after the walls were done, I thought I'd try a  different arrangement for the studio space,  Before, the sewing machines and tables were clustered in the center of the room because I did not want to block the design wall.  But this arrangement feel better and I rarely use the design wall anymore now that I am doing whole cloth..   
I am off to do a two workshop for a group in the St. Augustine area next week and following that a couple of days in Melbourne.  That's on the Atlantic side of the state.
Still haven't finished what's under the needle of the HQ16 yet, but plan to get in some serious working time the rest of this week. So hope to have it done by the time I leave.

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