Monday, July 27, 2015

Every morning I wake up to this blank wall

     So I decided what it needs is a quilt.  Yes I have quilts, many of them, but not one I want to look at all the time.  Plus I have this thing about  my living space.  Stuff needs to fit, feels right and the work I do as much as I love it and love creating it, does not to my mind fit in with the feel of my bedroom, which is kind of  not quite country cottage.
    That being the case I got the bright idea to make a quilt, one I have no plans to sell, thus insuring it will not be seen outside my house where it will make those seeing my work think I have regressed to my beginning quilt making days.  Even back then I never made a quilt that will be as utilitarian as the one I have in mind.    Thinking that , I went looking for fabric I like, (1930's kind of stuff) to make a really simple block.  The quilt for the space can be between  60-80 inches square.  That means I will be making about 100 to 169 block  since  I decided to make it with 6 inch block constructed with 1/2 square triangle,  One half a solid color and the other patterned.  I have a pile of the patterned fabric 1/2 squares cut up and waiting.   I won't cut the solid color halves until I am ready to make the blocks. 
       100-169 hmmm.  Might have to change my thinking.

     I will be home for the next 7 weeks before I am off to teach again.  In that time with the condo all done I  hope to get a lot done with this quilt and others..
As I am putting this quilt top together I will split  my studio time with the piece that has been under the needle of my HQ 16 longer than any piece I have every painted.  I started on it way back in April...
     April, three months... man! 
     I tend not to pre plan the quilting of any piece I make but for some reason I am of two minds on this piece.  One mind is saying, send it out to a long arm quilter.  The other is of the opinion I should put up my floor frame, the one I transported from KY to MO and here to FL,  and hand quilt it.
I had a  wonderful time with the members of the Seaside Piecemakers on Florida's Space Coast quilt guild.  Another great group.
     Teaching in Florida has exposed me to many parts of the state.   On the way home  from Melbourne on Thursday in the middle of a rain storm  I couldn't help but stop by The Quilt Place, in Rockledge, FL.  .  It was a good thing for my checking account t that I got there 10 minutes before they were scheduled to close.  Despite that,  I dropped a tidy sum. 
Anyone who knows me would not be surprised at how much  damage I did in that little time, especially when there were three people cutting the selections I was  placing on the cutting counter..
     I promised myself that I was not going to whine about the weather, but why can't some of this cloudy rainy weather go visit the people out West where they would welcome a few inches of this stuff.
      I know,  I know,  It wouldn't be lush green tropical Florida if there was a draught, but really, everyday!

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Renee A said...

Love the fabrics you chose!! Great choice. I can't wait to see the finished product. I would like to get into doing something like this, I've always enjoyed seeing your quilts even in Missouri at their house, when they were all on the walls. Just beautiful. Maybe one day when Gianna is a little older I could come back to visit you guys, and bring baby girl of course, and you could maybe show me what quilting is all about! Do your thing BoBo!!

💜From Sara and Gianna💜