Friday, September 07, 2007

On the way back to my studio

I detoured through the back yard. I shouldn't have. Because here I am three days later and I still have not sat down to the sewing machine. Not even for five minutes. But take heart, I have thought about my art and I have done several sketches and scale drawings and I brought a piece of fabric in all places WAL-MART that caught my attention, while I was there to purchase an oscillating water sprinkler for the front garden area.
As far as that piece of fabric goes, I have no wish to use it in any of my work, one because it is thematic and two it is yuk. So why did I buy it. it has great lines and patterning which spoke to me and reminded me of water. (Inspiration) I don't think anyone else would look at the fabric and see what I see. But it sent my mind racing in a direction I have been pondering for a while. I am part of an exhibit next year where the working title is "At the River's Edge", so the work has to speak to rivers, water, shorelines or stuff along those lines and I was stuck for ideas. Back when this exhibit was first thought of by my art group (River City Fiber Artist) and proposed to a gallery, I made a series of four small works that have since sold. Being sold is not all bad because I have moved on from them and if I still had them I would be reluctant to show them next year anyway.
Now back to the back yard, and the detour. I spent two days out back putting in plants, this time with the help of the two grandsons and a friend of theirs. The new new garden plot wraps the back porch. I never think small not with my art or my gardens it seems. The area required 50 bags of mulch to cover the ground. Good thing Lowe's rents trucks, which is what it took to get all the mulch and the one flowering pear tree, the 48 pots of assorted perennials, and the 10 containers of assorted shrubs all home in one trip. There is still a lot of bare area that needs filling, but I am stopping with this much planting for now.
I can not tell you how great it feels to finally see something growing out back when for months on end all we have had is a view of dirt.
When I woke to the sound of rain this morning, I wish I had sown grass seed yesterday instead. Several hours of gentle rain would have been wonderful for helping grass seed germinate. But there is promise of more rain over the weekend and into next week so the sowing of seed is next on the list and getting back to the studio may be delayed again for at least one or two more days.


DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I made the same detour the beginning of the summer here in Chicagoland. Last month with all the rain some of my flower plants have died but they are coming back. 50 bags of mulch is a lot and I hope you show photos of the work you have done.

Sometimes I buy fabric because I like the design or colors even if the fabric is not so good. I always find a use for it but not in my quilts.

Linda Branch Dunn said...

Found your blog through Rayna, and boy do I wish I'd had you for a neighbor when I was a teen! The look on those girls' faces!

Your work is beautiful.