Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Unless the worse that can happen happens

and the worse that can happen is the seed won't germinate. Barring that, you will hear no more about the lack of grass in our half acre back yard. Today in three and 1/2 hours, Carlos and two other men seeded and laid straw that covered what has been just dirt for months on end and a unsightly back yard for a year. We are waiting for the rain that is promised to come on Friday. Otherwise, I will be out turning on the sprinklers.
In the mean time the weather here is so mild I slept with the windows open and under lots of cover. It was in the 50's last night and I was still in need of a sweat shirt and jeans when I went out to do some light marketing this morning before eight A. M. Yes Marti, I was up and out before 8.
I worked in the studio yesterday on a project for a class that I am teaching in a month here in Columbia at one of the local quilt shops. I plan to get it quilted today and then tomorrow as I watch the golf tournament and pull for Tiger I will work some more on the larger piece that is on the design wall that I have almost completely finished piecing.
The weather is so great here that it really is hard to stay out of the garage and away from screen printing for now. Just watch, when the time is right, the weather will turn hot and steamy again.

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