Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sorting myself out

and getting pointed in the right direction. How am I to do this I am wondering this morning. There are so many things I want to do and need to do. The main one being I want a new direction for my art that is more a branching off of what I am currently doing as opposed to a new direction that is totally disconnected from my current work, but maybe the first stepping stone toward something totally different for me that will become evident in the next six months.
I still like my current work even though it is rather predictable, I still love my flowers,and my color choices, and don't see myself leaving either that theme or palete for the forseeable future but on the other hand I want to push a little, stretch a little. So I am trying to figure out how to do that while I am still making current work to meet my gallery commitments and while making class samples and doing lesson plans and assembling kits for my teaching commitments and just generally going about living.
Monday evening as I lay in bed and before I went soundly to sleep way before my usual bed time, I revisited a lesson that I should have learned years ago. The lesson: Dumb-dumb, you dummy. You know your body does not do well when you carbo'd overload it. And why did you do it today. There will be hell to pay tomorrow. And I've been sooooo gooood for sooooo loooong. I should have known better. NO. I had been seduced by fench fries at lunch, because McDonald's was on the way to the quilt store where I had a class. Then there was the BIG baked potato at dinner and the ice cream and corn chips and hot fudge and lots of grapes and a banana and more chips when I got home from teaching was starving and oh yeah a COKE. And to top it off more ice cream as I dragged myself to bed as a snack, a habit I thought I had defeated months ago but came back to haunt me. My only excuse, I get the munchies when one I am pressed for time and when my brain is trying to sort out something like "what's for dinner or where am I going with my work and when will I find the time?" As if eating slows the clock or food into the mouth equals ideas out the brain.
Although I'd slept like the dead on Monday night, when I got up early Tuesday morning, wanting to get a lot accomplished I didn't. The day after consuming too many carbos syndrome kicked in. I knew that was going to be the case shortly after I returned from a "they open at nine and I was there" trip to Barnes and Noble for a book I had ordered, Who am I kidding, I knew it as soon as I sat down with a cup of coffee at the Starbucks in B and N that Tuesday was not going to be one of my best days. Usually, I can browse in B and N for hours but after only a short 2 minutes of sitting with my coffee I was cross eyed sleepy and on the verse of nodding off right there in the middle of thumbing through a very interesting book. So I brought the book as well as the one I ordered and a copy of the latest issue of the AQS Magazine, because my friend and fellow River City Fiber Artist Kathleen (Kathy) Loomis has an article published in it that I wanted to read.
By the way her article is great and details the wonderful way she applies a facing to her art quilts.
All day Tuesday I was draggy and sleepy. I napped a lot in the chair, every time I sat down to read or sketch or plan my eyes closed and my head drooped. I put a meal in the crock pot that I didn't have to watch and went to bed for a proper nap in the afternoon, and to bed shortly after dinner, thus Tuesday was a day shot all to Hell.
Today is better, water - lots of water, no coke, no chips, no ice cream, no droop, no drag. Studio time.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to finally hear from you, I was getting worried. Everyone can have an off day as long as you get back to goodness again. Boy I should take my own advise. Miss you