Monday, June 02, 2008

The first year they sleep

and according to more knowledgeable gardener, the second year perennials creep and the third year they leap. Well I'm here to tell you that the stuff I planted last year and the stuff that was planted three years ago by the contractor when the house was completed is creeping and leaping like mad.
I am really happy with the look of the front gardens because of this and I added very few plants to the mix this year. Earlier this week I moved several plants to new locations within the front gardens because of vigorous creeping this year and realizing when the leaping happens next year they will be too large for their location.
Here are three looks at the the back garden area on the south and north side of the patio area. It gets the morning sun, but by noon is beginning to get shady as the sun moves over the house and to the west sky.
There is grass, green grass, grass, grass, grass grpwing in our yard at long last, yeah!!! I am celebrating this fact even though there are still some bare spots that will need reseeding in the fall.

My daughter gave me this gardening bench that flips over to become a padded kneeler for Mother's Day along with a vase of flowers and two bird baths. One bird bath is barely visible in the first picture. I love my bench/kneeler and the bird baths. She must have been reading my mind or looking at the sites I had visited on the Internet in my search to locate this type of gardening bench locally.
As you can see I still have a lot more garden to plant flowers in.
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I was out early this morning, thinking it was going to get to hot once the sun rose above the house roofs on the next street for me to work in the garden for long, but it has turned into a very cloudy day so after this brief rest and a late breakfast I will return to the garden for another hour of digging in the dirt.
Digging in the dirt .... I can not believe I am grinning about digging in the dirt. After all, there was a time when I said with some pride and glee that while I loved flowers, I didn't do dirt. But the other truth is while I find myself looking forward to a day of dirt digging, worms still make me go yuk!!!! And I have been saying yuk a lot in the last week.

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