Friday, August 28, 2009

Books, Books, Books

Today I tackled one shelf of books in my studio. Because I plan to down size a lot, I have allowed myself only 2 banker's boxes worth of both books and magazine. As you can see I have lots of books that need new homes. So far I looked up the prices for 35 books on Amazon Books.Com and I have priced each book listed on my Quiltstashandstuff2 blog at the lowest price I found there.
In doing my research, an Oh My Gosh moment happened. I discovered that one book in my collection is a rare find. The price listed for it on Amazon ranged from $195 to $405.00. Can you believe that? So if any of you love photographs of flowers and want the book, its on the list at the lowest price (: Click here to see what's I've pulled from the shelf.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I am surprised that you are so intent on moving! Seems like only yesterday that you moved into your lovely new home.
Do you really want to exchange a fairly stable climate(albeit cold) for something as wild as the tropics, hurricanes and all?
I grew up in that climate and have now realised that I couldn't deal with all that rain and tropical storms scenario anymore.