Monday, August 10, 2009

On or about June Fifthteenth

I put the creative part of me aside to prepare for the classes I was scheduled to teach and for the remainder of June, all of July and for the first eleven days of August I have not picked up a piece of cloth with thoughts of doing something daring, bold, creative, interesting, inventive and wonderful with it. Putting sleeves on one of the last quilts I finished way back when does not count. This I did on Sunday just so I could find out if my thimble still fit and if I remembered how to thread a needle and to see if I still knew how to turn on my sewing machine.

Color is everywhere I look, the house, the garden, the stores but I didn't realize it was going to be this hard to get back in the groove.

Despite me telling my creative self that the vacation is over, my Muse keeps saying it isn't.

Today as I walked past my studio space. I wasn't inclined to enter. There was nothing there that beckoned me. No pieces of fabric scattered around. No composition in any stage of completion was pinned to the design wall. The lights were out and I realized I missed being in the space and in the place within myself that finds joy in cloth and color and creating.

So I walked in and picked up and put away some of the stuff I left laying around and some stuff that the other people in my house left laying around. I unfolded and pinned a dye painted piece of silk to the design wall. When I finished it a couple of months ago (or longer) I liked it, but it had been so long, I couldn't remember how it was suppose to be oriented. ( vertical or horizontal. So I turned it several times until I was pleased with the way it looked. But I found, I no longer REALLY like the piece.

What was I thinking when I thought it was done back then. Maybe it needs something added.....


Maybe I should just start something new....



I went into the garage and cleared some of the clutter from my wet work space, but despite the mid 70's temperature with no idea of what to do, I felt no desire to linger and just putter.

Maybe I should just sit in my favorite chair and finish the shawl I have been knitting for the last two weeks and bask in the fact that despite having had ice cream more times than I can count and want to admit to having consumed while I was away I still lost weight and I am now down 63 pounds from where I started.

More jeans and shirts for the Goodwill.

Yesterday and Saturday was tax free days here in Missouri and with that knowledge I thought I would go in search of bras. I hate buying bras. I hate trying them on. I hate that you have to try them on because there is no uniformity in sizes from one brand ans style to the next. I hate the fact that most of the ones on sale were padded when God knows I don't need any more padding. I hate that I did not find, not one that fit like I thought it should. Was there anyone in the three stores I went into that asked, "Can I help you." NO. Did I buy any. NO!

Are you getting the feeling that this is a duh day for me, its cloudy, I woke to rain, flashes of lightening and distant thunder.

Duh day or not, I'm going to suck it up and go knit.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I can relate to the day you are having!

Karoda said...

i felt uninspired today also...maybe its time for you to take a break or play in another medium for a bit???

Gerry said...

Congrats on the sixty-three pounds, Juanita. Way to go ! ! !
Relax, use the time knitting and letting the mind and body decompress from your travels. Time will roll 'round and you will be inspired once again! ! !
Oh, and regarding BRAs I spent more time than anyone would like to spend doing an unpleasant task while trying on two dozen different styles of bras before I finally found one that held me up and did not flatten. I bought two just for the hell of it.

Deb said...

And here I was patting meself on the tummy for my 5 lbs lost since I got back from vacation. Way to go! I have the same problem in bra land but I will only eyeball the things and bring them home. More often than not they are prettier than they are useful. tip though, if there is a Marshalls nearby try them. I think they offload last years models but 30 and 40 dollar bras go for less than 10. I actually found three that worked on a recent excursion.

Susan Turney said...

I, for one, am anxiously awaiting inspiration to grab you!!! One of these days I'm sure you'll see a photo or a color or a piece of fabric and off you'll go. In the meantime, enjoy whatever you're doing.

juanita Yeager said...

Deb, congrads.. every pound off counts toward the total loss. I wish I did live near a Marshall's. It is one of my favcorite stores and one reason why I am looking forward to my move to Florida. There is a Marshalls about a 1/2 block walk from the front door of the apartment building.